Alumni Diversity & Inclusion Task Force

Alumni Diversity & Inclusion Task Force


In the context of a growing national conversation due to ongoing profound societal change, as part of Yale University's commitment to the value of diversity and inclusion, a Yale Alumni Diversity and Inclusion Task Force has been formed.
The task force, and an associated advisory committee, will both draw on, and inform the overall Yale community by providing leadership on the development of diversity and inclusion strategies that involve alumni.
The task force held its inaugural meeting on June 10-11, 2016 and it will perform its work for a period of one year. To accomplish its goals, the task force will seek input from Yale alumni extensively, study existing policies and best practices -- at Yale, other higher ed institutions, and beyond -- and make recommendations for potential new alumni programming, leadership and recognition programs, policies, and initiatives that leverage Yale alumni for greater diversity and inclusion in the Yale community worldwide.


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