1968 Fees and Financial Aid

Although you may register right up until the reunion, or even come as a walk-in, there is a deadline of May 10 for special housing or meal requests.  In the event you need to cancel, full refunds will be given until May 10, after which refunds are based on the class's recoverable costs.

Full Reunion (includes Sunday Farewell Breakfast) = $395
Friday only = $260
Saturday only = $260
Friday Half Day until 4 pm = $120
Friday Half Day after 4 pm = $160
Saturday Half Day until 4 pm = $120
Saturday Half Day after 4 pm = $160
Add Sunday Farewell Breakfast to any partial reunion fee = $23
Add Thursday Dinner to any partial reunion fee = $80
Widows: $0

Please note: The University no longer accepts foreign checks. Please pay by credit card or with a check issued in the U.S.

Financial aid is available to classmates and their guests. To request assistance, please contact Jennifer Julier at the AYA (jennifer.julier@yale.edu or 203-436-8014) for a confidential discussion.